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Go vertical! The PEAK3 has everything a passionate freerides heart desires - highly efficient and durable single-skin concept, easy to set up and easy to fly. Power-on-demand and extremely safe, the PEAK3 sets the standard for a touring kite, the adventure awaits you.

// Innovation


Flysurfer Kiteboarding always leaves its R & D team room for creativity to give kitesports new facets. Without this option, the first depower single-skin kite would not have been created. After years of pursuing his dream to build the kite with the greatest versatility, Reinhart Paelinck has taken a big step forward with the PEAK2. The high demand to further improve a new concept could be achieved by the know-how from soft kite and paraglider development. PEAK2 beats its predecessor in terms of low-end, stability, pack size, flight characteristics and sets new standards here. We are proud to have further improved this innovative product.




// Added value


The PEAK2 is not only a personal lift to the summit of this world, it also lets you glide over wide areas. No prefilling or pumping, always ready for a session. The unbelievable Lowend lets you enjoy the slightest breeze and thanks to the effective depower effect, the PEAK2 is always controllable in strong winds. This makes him a true companion even for every beginner and invites you to a daily session. Due to the small pack size you can take the PEAK2 in combination with the touring bag everywhere. This kite is your ultimate companion whether on snow, sand, grass or asphalt, unpack and get started. A new sense of freedom.




Safety comes first, PEAK2 comes with improved stability and is even controllable in gusty conditions. The front-line safety allows the kite to escape completely without pressure and, in combination with the Quickrelease 2.0 and the Infinity-Light-Bar, ensures maximum safety. PEAK2 plays all the pieces, whether backstack landing, backward starting, control line start or simply dropping at the edge of the wind window - you can always take a break and start again directly. Absolute control in every situation.






Choose your PEAK2 size from the extended range 12.0m, 9.0m, 6.0m and 4.0m, delivered ready-to-fly with infinity light bar and flying lines. It's perfect for backcountry touring, expeditions, freeride snowkiting, kite sandboarding or buggy driving ... even a bit of freestyle is possible. Particularly noteworthy is the grandiose training and fitness for training. The simple handling even allows children to have fun at any time. In combination with the improved touring bag, you have no limits, design PEAK2, hook up the infinity light bar and get started. Enjoy freedom never achieved, whether on a snow plateau, the English grass, a long sandy beach, an old airfield, a frozen lake or in the middle of the desert ... only the sky is the limit with the PEAK2 from Flysurfer!




//The PEAK2 Package consists of:


  • 1x PEAK2 kite "ready-to-fly"

  • 1x Infinity Light Bar with Clam-Cleat Trimmer (incl. Barbag)

  • 1x accessories bag

  • 1x PEAK2 Manual

  • 1x PEAK2 dry bag

  • 12-month free repair guarantee


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