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Chaos Green Cabrinha 2015.png
Chaos Orange Cabrinha 2015.png



Sizes: 5.5m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 11m, 13m




  • Podium-proven competition performance

  • C-Shape design for excellent freestyle and wake style performance

  • Specially designed for unhooked tricks

  • Maintains power during the turns for massive kiteloops

  • Flat kite profile, which flies far to the wind window edge and produces a lot of slack after the pop

  • Direct control

  • Improved profiles to quickly generate board speed




The Chaos Freestyle Kite is a high-tech freestyle / wakestyle kite and perfect for winning world-class freestyle competitions. Its overall design aims to deliver optimal performance at the highest freestyle level. This High Aspect C-kite is exactly what you need for high speeds and to let the lines sag during unhooked driving. With the chaos you can fly Kiteloops in a very small radius, whereby the kite will easily be back at zenith and leave enough time for a soft landing.



RIDER PROFILE: Technical freestyle kite with highest performance.

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