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Freeride, Big Air, Lightwind

The BOOST3 is reliable, robust and sporty. Underline your self-confident driving style with the perfect balance between design and function. The agility of the BOOST3 makes you want more and inspires with its always-accessible performance with maximum control. Lift your game!

TECHNOLOGY: 5 strut L.E.I Kite

SKILLS: Beginner - Advanced

SIZES   5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 

TERRAIN   Water / Land / Snow

Short Bridle System

The BOOST3 profile forms a highly efficient system with the Short Bridle. Precise turning and massive depower united in one wing. The briefly constructed balance allows the BOOST3 to respond to control pulses in the depowered state. The angle of attack can be precisely controlled via the bar and makes the BOOST3 the absolute big air and upwind machine. The steering forces can also be adjusted via the control line attachment to personal preferences.

High Load Force Frame 


The High Load Force Frame sets the standard for FLYSURFER Tube Kites - a sturdy frame made of tightly woven high-strength brand fiber from DuPont, resin-fixed and tempered. Lowest elongation, high tear strength, no moisture absorption and very good UV resistance enable the smallest deformation of the kite under highest stress. The optimized shape of the High Load Force Frame provides a clean and even flow that improves the overall performance of the kite, its depower and flight stability.

Unmatched Relaunch


The BOOST3 combines profile thickness with a strong sweep of the front tube and ensures an unbeatable relaunch in light and strong winds. The kite rolls playfully in the direction of Wind window edge, where he lifts himself over a slight pulling the steering line from the water. Typical of FLYSURFER, the kite can be started backwards without problem. This can be made even easier with the optional Adaptive Airfoil Bridle.

3D Shape and Strut Design


The new FLYSURFER 3D Strut design is simple, low-weight and robust. The durable construction for countless hours on the water, perfect for everyday use and a trusted feature that kite schools can count on. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to build a stable, smooth and highly performance-oriented profile. The result is reflected in excellent Hangtime values ​​and upright performance.

Adaptive Airfoil Bridle 


Profile curvature - as with sailors or aircraft wings - is the idea behind the Adaptive Airfoil system. A simple trailing edge balance makes it possible to adjust the curvature of the profile during the flight. Particularly noticeable is the effect in the low end or the relaunch. The Adaptive Airfoil Bridle is included in sizes 13.0 & 15.0, which make them perfect for hydrofoiling.

Self Launcher


The Self Launcher is a tool to start the BOOST3 alone. To do this, position the kite on the edge of the wind window and simply hang the included sandbag in the appropriate place on the screen. As soon as you bring the lines under tension, the Self Launcher triggers to start at the right moment.

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